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Thriller Bark
Thriller Bark Infobox
Japanese Name: スリラーバーク
Romanized Name: Surirā Bāku
English Name: Thriller Bark
First Appearance: Chapter 443; Episode 338
Affiliations: Gekko Moriah
The subject of this article is sometimes referred to as "Thriller Barque", "Thriller Park", "Thriller Burke" or "Thrillerberg".
For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 443.

Thriller Bark is a giant ship currently located on the Florian Triangle. As revealed by Brook, she used to be located in the West Blue. She was converted into a pirate ship, the world's largest, and is owned by the former Shichibukai, Gekko Moriah. She was heavily damaged by Moriah's and Kuma's attacks during the battle against the Straw Hat Pirates, and after Moriah's defeat, the ship was abandoned.[1] Thriller Bark is the main setting of the Thriller Bark Arc.


Landmarks and ArchitectureEdit

The island is surrounded by a huge outer wall that goes around the ship, with a gate resembling a giant mouth that opens and closes. There are four separate chains that connect from the wall to the mast above the mansion. The island has an old broken inner stone wall encircling it with towers and a moat. There is a mansion in the middle of the island, surrounded by a apparently dead forest. The entire ship somewhat resembles the stereotypical scenery in vampire or horror movies, such as Dracula or Frankenstein.

Dead ForestEdit

The forest that covers most of the island; many shadowless people who were stuck in Thriller Bark chose to hide there from the sun. Usopp, Nami and Chopper hid in the forest from the Cerberus and were met by Hildon. Luffy also encountered the Rolling Pirates in this forest. The forest is also populated by many strange zombies Dr. Hogback created.

Thriller Bark GraveyardEdit

A graveyard beyond the forest. Most, if not all, of the graves there are occupied by hidden zombies created by Dr. Hogback. These zombies will attack intruders, but are not particularly strong. After Moriah's defeat and the fall of Thriller Bark, a monument to the Rumbar Pirates is erected (built by Franky and Usopp, flowers by Chopper) with their remains buried here, as a testament to Brook's long-dead crewmen.

Thriller Bark MansionEdit

A huge mansion that resembles a gothic-style cathedral. Hogback lived here until Moriah was defeated. This mansion also bears resemblance to the Notre Dame cathedral.

Mast MansionEdit

The large tower in the middle of Thriller Bark is actually the mast of the ship, as well as a mansion. This is where Gekko Moriah resided. The giant freezer where Oars was kept into stasis is also located here.

Hogback's LabEdit

Within Hogback's mansion is his laboratory, and it was here that Hogback created his zombies with the shadows given to him by Gekko Moriah.

Perona's Wonder GardenEdit

A little garden that sits on a bridge that connects the Thriller Bark Mansion to the Mast Mansion, covered with trees, plants and flowers. This bridge is owned by Perona, and is inhabited by most of her wild zombies. Usopp, Nami and Chopper awoke there, after being knocked out by Ryuma. During the battle with Oars, the bridge was destroyed.

Perona's RoomEdit

Within the Mast Mansion is Perona's room. This room is large and decorated in a similar fashion to that of a princess', suiting Perona's epithet as "Ghost Princess".

Inhabitants of Thriller BarkEdit

[v · e · ?]
Thriller Bark Denizens
Mysterious Four
Gekko Moriah Hogback Absalom Perona
[v · e · ?]
Named Zombies
Oars (900) Ryuma Victoria Cindry Hildon (21) Lola
Kumashi Jigoro Inuppe Tararan Buhichuck
Captain John Unigaro MocDonald Cerberus Risky Brothers
Bao Gyoro Nin Spider Mice
(24 and 196)
Gallant Hippo (28)
Jack in the Box (256) Lion-Cow (37)
Unnamed Zombies
Zombie 27 Zombie 28 Zombie 29 Zombie 31 Zombie 36
Zombie 36 Zombie 38 Zombie 38 Zombie 44 Zombie 52
Zombie 52 Zombie 55 Zombie 61 Zombie 63 Zombie 69
Zombie 83 Zombie 95 Zombie 96 Zombie 105 Zombie 115
Zombie 128 Zombie 136 Zombie 151 Zombie 153 Zombie 154
Zombie 169 Zombie 193 Zombie 204 Zombie 207 Zombie 217
Zombie 260 Zombie 329 Zombie 353 Zombie 401 Zombie 405
Zombie 408 Zombie 409 Zombie 413 Zombie 415 Zombie 417
Zombie 420 Zombie 422 Zombie 426 Zombie 437 Zombie 466
Zombie 468 Zombie 476 Zombie 483 Zombie 522 Zombie 518
Zombie 522 Zombie 524 Zombie 529 Zombie 563 Zombie 578
Zombie 581 Zombie 584 Zombie 597 Zombie 606 Zombie 616
Zombie 620 Zombie 621 Zombie 629 Zombie 638 Zombies
655 and 754
Zombie 660 Zombie 687 Zombie 691 Zombie 730 Zombie 741
Zombie 767 Zombie 818 Zombie 820 Zombie 824 Zombie 831
Zombie 847 Zombie 860 Zombie 876 Zombie 883 Zombie 889


  • Mysterious Four (四怪人 Yonkaijin?): the four humans who rule Thriller Bark. They are Gekko Moriah, Hogback, Absalom, and Perona.
  • General Zombie: Once legendary figures, now commanders of the rest of the zombies. They are under the command of Absalom.
  • Surprise Zombie: Zombies that disguise themselves as everyday objects to scare the enemies.
  • Soldier Zombie: Common grunt zombies for combat.
  • Wild Zombie: Wild animal zombies with high level strength. They are under the command of Perona.
  • Special Zombie: A unique kind of zombie that is stronger than General Zombies. Oars was the only one of its kind.
  • Spider Mice: Spider-like zombies that sneak up on and trap opponents with webs. They are under the command of Tararan.


Flash BarrelEdit

Thriller Bark Flash Barrel
Thriller Bark's Flash Barrel fished out by the Straw Hats.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

A Flash Barrel is a barrel that contains the red flare inside used to signal Thriller Bark. It floats on the ocean at the entrance of the Florian Triangle, waiting for any passing ships. Whenever opened it will shoot out a red flare after which Perona's Ghost Network will start spying on them. This was a clever trick to pull sailors to Thriller Bark. The first flash barrel appeared in Chapter 442 and Episode 337.

Purified Sea SaltEdit

Brook with a Bag of Salt
Brook holding Usopp and a bag of salt.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

Purified Sea Salt is simply salt extracted from the sea, and purified. However, they play a crucial role in defeating the zombies on Thriller Bark. Since salt is an extract from the sea, it can be used to cancel the Kage Kage no Mi's shadow-extracting powers, and purify the zombies, rendering them a husk once again. The amount of salt needed to feed a zombie is proportional to its size, as Oars was immune to a small pellet of salt shot into his mouth.


  • While Thriller Bark's name may simply refer to the broad genre that uses suspense, tension and excitement as the main elements, it may also refer to to the famous horror-themed song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.
  • This is the first pirate ship that was originally an island, but modified to become a pirate ship, and one of the two, the other being Island Ship.
  • In the anime, some of the numbers for the Zombies are mixed around (For example, in the anime, Zombie 28 became Zombie 29; and the anime has a different Zombie 36 than the manga).
  • Ironically, just before reaching Thriller Bark, Franky was talking to Iceburg about turning an island into a ship.[3]

External Links Edit

  • Barque - Wikipedia article about the type of ship that Thriller Bark is based on.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 50 Chapter 490 and Episode 381, Thriller Bark is abandoned by Moriah and all other inhabitants.
  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 49 Chapter 481 and Episode 374, Moriah uses his Devil Fruit ability to absorb 1,000 shadows into himself.
  3. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 45 Chapter 431 (p. 8) and Episode 313, Franky questions Iceburg whether he is going to turn Water 7 into a ship.

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