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Muchigoro Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ムチゴロウ
Romanized Name: Muchigoro
English Name: N/A
Debut: Movie 6[1]
Affiliations: Red Arrows Pirates
Occupations: Participant in Goldfish Catching Game, Pirate
Japanese VA: Takeshi Kusao

Muchigoro is a member of the Red Arrows Pirates who appeared in the sixth One Piece movie.


Muchigoro's appearance is the same as when he was alive except now, like all the revieved Red Arrows Pirates, he sports a sprout on his head due to Lily's powers. He has very large lips like Usopp, with a pudgy body and stubby legs similar to Foxy. He wears an unbuttoned black coat with no shirt and shorts. While physically he appears weak, he was able to withstand a giant wave made by Rosario like nothing happened.


Muchigoro Full Body
A full body shot of Muchigoro.
Shriveled Muchigoro
Muchigoro's shriveled form.
Muchigoro as a Plant
Muchigoro after transforming into a plant.


Muchigoro is not the smartest member of his crew, as shown quite early in the movie. He is really easy to fool, as he believed all of Usopp's lies to the point of crying. He is also short-tempered when the Straw Hats fail to pronounce his name properly and has a temper tantrum, only to be calmed down when his captain told him to stop messing around. He cares deeply for his crew and his pet, Rosario, and got mad when Zoro tried to use his swords on her. He also began to cry when Sanji kicked Rosario.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Muchigoro's Fish Net
Muchigoro carrying his giant fish net.

Muchigoro seems to be a strong pirate for the most part. His combat skills are largely unknown, as he did not fight throughout the movie and only participated in the Goldfish Catching Game. He is, however, able to use his giant paper fishnet to catch Rosario with little effort. He is also able remain standing when the wave made for Rosario knocked the Straw Hats down. He is believed to be a fishman by some fans, though this remains unconfirmed.



Many years ago, Muchigoro joined the Red Arrows Pirates. They sailed on the Grand Line back when Gol D. Roger was still alive. At some point, there was a terrible storm that killed Muchigoro and the rest of the crew, leaving Omatsuri alone. Eventually, the lonely captain arrived on Omatsuri Island and met the Lily Carnation, which he used to revive Muchigoro and the rest of the crew. Since then, they have been attracting pirate crews to the island to break them up and feed them to the plant monster.

Baron Omatsuri and the Secret IslandEdit

Muchigoro Catches Rosario
Muchigoro catches Rosario.

In the movie, he participated in the first Trial of Hell issued by Baron Omatsuri against the Straw Hats, in which they had to catch his giant goldfish Rosario. The Straw Hats tried multiple times to catch the giant goldfish, but had no success. Muchigoro pulled out a giant fish net and called his pet over. He almost managed to get Rosario in his bucket, but Robin used her abilities to prevent the fish from going in. The Straw Hats eventually managed to knock the giant goldfish into their bucket, defeating Muchigoro.

After being defeated, he approached Robin and served her as a waiter. He said that following all orders of the victors was a rule on the island. Robin took advantage of this new found ability and made him toast the resort. After a few drinks, the devious pirate managed to get him to reveal the name of Omatsuri's flower, Lily Carnation, by getting him drunk.

Muchi shriveled
Muchigoro shrivels in front of Nami.
YazzyDreamAdded by YazzyDream
That night, Nami sat with Muchigoro after Usopp bothered her. He panicked at first, but they eventually got talking. Nami also tried to get information out of him by getting him drunk again, getting him to reveal that they were around during the time of Gol D. Roger and that there was a "horrible storm. Suddenly, Muchigoro withered and died.

After Lily was fed again, he came back to life, but he turned back into a plant root after Lily's death along with the rest of the Red Arrows.

When Omatsuri was dying, Muchigoro told him from the afterlife that he should've found new crewmates.

Major BattlesEdit


  • Despite all the revived Red Arrows Pirates having sprouts on their heads his pet goldfish, Rosario, does not. Since Baron Omasturi states that all his crew was killed before he used Lily to revive them, Rosario was probably not used by Muchigoro when he was alive.
  • Baron and his crew have been said to have met Gol D. Roger, as said by Muchigoro.


  1. One Piece Anime - Movie 6, Muchigoro, along with the rest of the Red Arrows Pirates, is introduced.


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