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Mr. 6
Frontier Agents
Japanese Name: Mr. 6 (ミスター・シックス)
Romanized Name: Misutā Shikkusu
English Name: Mr. 6
Debut: N/A
Affiliations: Baroque Works
Occupations: Frontier Agent of Baroque Works
Alias: Mr. 6

Mr. 6 is the partner of Miss Mother's Day and the top Frontier Agent in the Baroque Works rankings. He was first mentioned by Nefertari Vivi,[1] who explained how Baroque Works was organized to the Straw Hat Pirates.


Mr. 6's appearance is unknown, as neither him nor his partner are seen in the series. It is assumed that the number 6 plays a major part of his design, similar to the other Frontier Agents designs.


Nothing is known about Mr. 6's personality, but it can be assumed that he is brutal and willing to kill to complete a mission like other agents.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nothing is known about Mr. 6's abilities, but his ranking suggests that he is considerably stronger than the other Frontier Agents.



At one point, Mr. 6 joined Baroque Works. He worked his way up the organization to achieve the high position of Frontier Agent and became partners with Miss Mother's Day.


SBS Vol 23 1

Mr. 7 and his appearance had he been promoted to Mr. 6.

  • In an SBS, a fan asked how Mr. 7's appearance would change if he got promoted to Mr. 6's position. His mouth, nose, eyebrows and sunglasses all would have taken the shape of 6's.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 13 Chapter 115 and Episode 91, Vivi explains the Baroque Works system.

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