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Mr. Motzel[1] is one of the known customers of the Baratie.


Motzel is an overweight man, with large lips and brown hair (grey in the anime) that is curled up. He has a flat nose, round eyes, and thick eyebrows. He wears a purple shirt, with either a swirl or floral design.


A frontal view of Motzel.
Motzel Digitally Colored Manga
Motzel as he is colored in the digitally colored manga.


Motzel is shown to be a fan of gourmet cooking, especially since he has a nasty habit of stealing other people's food.


He was first seen at the Baratie, dining and drinking, while enjoying himself.


  • He makes a cameo during the credits of the Romance Dawn remake, where he is seen helping rebuild Silk's village.


  1. His name is revealed in SBS Volume 8.

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