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The Foxy Pirates are a group of pirates led by Foxy the Silver Fox. A majority of the crew is composed mostly of crewmen won through the Davy Back Fight.[1] The crew is composed of 500 members, according to the anime.

Jolly RogersEdit

Foxy's original flag was a standard Jolly Roger with fox ears and Foxy's unique nose, with the word 'FOXY' written on it.

The current one is a very badly drawn version of the previous flag done by Monkey D. Luffy with the characters for the Japanese word for "fox" (きつね kitsune?) written on it.[2]

Crew MembersEdit

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Mashikaku  Chiqicheetah  Jube  Girarin  Rokuroshi 
Nico Robin   Shelly   Komei   Dojaku   Kansho  

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Some members of the crew are broken up into various teams for the events of the Davy Back Fight.

Groggy MonstersEdit

Groggy Monsters

The Groggy Monsters (グロッキーモンスターズ Gurokkii Monsutaazu?) is a team of three members of the Foxy Pirates, led by Hamburg. They participate in the Groggy Ring with impressive teamwork and large sizes, along with illegal weapons that the referee purposely turn a blind eye to. According to Foxy no one has ever defeated The Groggy Monsters, mostly due to the fact that the ball is on the tallest member of the Foxy Pirates and that the referee would not look when they cheat.


Foxy DevilsEdit

The Foxy Devils (フォクシーデビルズ Fokushii Debiruzu?) is a team formed of members of the Foxy Pirates that participates in a filler round of the Davy Back Fight, Run Roller Around.


Crew StrengthEdit

Foxy has won 920 Davy Back Fights, which has won him a large crew of 499 souls. Despite their origins, most of the crew are indeed glad to serve under Foxy.

The Groggy Monsters (グロッキーモンスターズ Gurokkī Monsutāzu?), made up of Hamburg, Pickles, and Big Pan, are very powerful and managed to give Zoro and Sanji a very hard time; the captain is no slouch in terms of fighting either. However, none of the other crew members seem to be particularly skilled, and even the stronger fighters rely on cheating and tricks in order to win.


Sexy FoxyEdit

Further information: Sexy Foxy

The Sexy Foxy is a large Fox-themed galleon. It contains many interesting devices and mechanisms. The fox head's mouth works like an elevator, and the deck has small swivel cannons and arrow launchers. Inside, there is a hallway that leads out the side of the ship, a room with a spike covered floor, and a special combat gym with Foxy's Gorilla Puncher robot.

Harem no TangoEdit

Harem No Tango

The Harem no Tango.

The Harem no Tango (ハーレムのタンゴ Hāremu no Tango?, "Tango of Harem"), Harem Nocturne in the FUNimation dub, was an anime-only ship used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race. The ship had 4 females on it. Along with the Oyakata, they tricked the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates into coming with them by giving them pleasures. It first appeared in Episode 209.

Kani CraneEdit

Kani Crane

The Kani Crane.

The Kani Crane (カニクレーン号 Kani Kurēn-gō?, "Crab Crane"), Crab Crane in the FUNimation dub was an anime-only ship used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race. The ship had three men on it. The ship was destroyed due to the tidal wave caused by the destruction of the Mother Ship. The name of the ship comes from "kani", which means "crab" in Japanese. It first appeared in Episode 209.

Kaji King I & IIEdit

Kaji King 1 & 2

Kaji King 1 & 2.

The Kaji King I & II (舵キング一号二号 Kaji King Ichi-gō Ni-gō?, "Rudder King I and II"), Swordfish King I & II in the FUNimation dub, was an anime-only twin ship used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race. The ship had people on it. Its name is a pun on "kajiki" which means swordfish. The ship was destroyed by Zoro. It first appeared in Episode 209.

Oyakata BuneEdit

Oyakata Bune

The Oyakata Bune.

The Oyakata Bune (親方船号 Oyakata Bune-gō?, "Pleasure Boat"), the Party, Love, and Pleasure Boat in the FUNimation dub, was an anime-only festivity ship used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race. The ship had 5 males on it. Along with the Harem No Tango, they tricked the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates into coming with them by giving them pleasures. It first appeared in Episode 209.

Mother Ship CoasterEdit

Mother Ship Coaster

The Mother Coaster.

The Mother Ship Coaster (マザーシップコースター号 Mazā Shippu Kōsutā-gō?), the Behemoth Mother Ship Coaster in the FUNimation dub, was an anime-only giant ship which was used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race, although she did not move. This ship is a giant reservoir and those who ride on it are proud of their ship. This ship spread explosive barrel mines to stop the participants in the Donut Race, but the ship's tactic backfired thanks to Zoro. It first appeared in Episode 209.

Look SpecialEdit

The Look Special (ルック・スペシャル号 Rukku Supesharu-gō?) was an anime-only ship used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race. Although mentioned, the ship was never seen. It was first mentioned in Episode 209.

Other InformationEdit

In the anime only, technically most of the crew (497 out of 500) would have become Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy had won them in the Davy Back Fight, however Luffy dismisses them soon after. Foxy eventually wins them back.


Long Ring Long Land ArcEdit

Prior to their debut, the Foxy Pirates had defeated the Fanged Toad Pirates and took their captain, Kibagaeru, along with their doctor, shipwright, navigator, and their flag in a five round Davy Back Fight, rending them a wreck.[3]

On Long Ring Long Land, the Foxy Pirates challenged the Straw Hats to a Davy Back Fight, which Luffy accepted. Throughout all of the games, the Foxy Pirates found ways to cheat, but in the manga they only managed to win one of the three games despite this. In the anime, they won three of the six games. After the final game, a Captain vs. Captain boxing match, Luffy replaced Foxy's old flag with a badly drawn version of it, but otherwise let them go with no harm done.[4]

Foxy's Return ArcEdit

The following events are Non-Canon and are not considered part of the Canon story.

In the anime, Foxy appeared again. As it turns out, one of the captains he won from one of the previous games had rebelled and taken over the ship, so Foxy decided to ask the Straw Hats for help.[5] However, even after he had won back the ship, Foxy decided to get revenge by putting them through several deathtraps in his ship. However, the Straw Hats defeated him once again.[6]

Spa Island ArcEdit

Foxy Pirates Swimsuits

The Foxy Pirates on Spa Island

The last time they were seen was during the Spa Island Arc, after the Straw Hats recovered from their adventures in Thriller Bark. Foxy tried to steal a notebook which had instructions to making a gem, a very rare and valuable round item. When he saw the Straw Hats relaxing, a fight broke out and he revealed his latest weapon: a large mirrored replica of his head which he, Porche and Hamburg got into. Foxy then fired a Noro Noro Beam onto the outside surface via a hole while the head was spinning to create an "unavoidable" beam maze. They eventually got thoroughly defeated by Luffy.[7]

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