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Moodie[2] is a woman who Fullbody took to the Baratie.


Moodie is a normal-sized woman, with blonde hair put back, with only two parts hanging down in front. She has brown eyes and wore light red lipstick. During the Baratie Arc, she wore a reddish-pink sleeveless dress that showed off her cleavage.



She seems to be a reasonable person, as she tried to calm down Fullbody when he got angry.


Baratie ArcEdit

Sanji tried to seduce her, which made Fullbody angry but slams the table to get his attention about a fake fly in his soup, Sanji however saw though his trick and made a fool of him. Everyone and Moodie laugh. This enraged Fullbody, and he began to attack Sanji: Moodie tried to calm him down, with no success. She was last seen terrified at Fullbody beaten by Sanji.



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  2. One Piece Blue: Grand Data File (p. 46), Her name is revealed.

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