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Mont-d'Or is a citizen of Totto Land.[1]


Mont-d'Or is a lanky man with long limbs and a stocky abdomen. He has a rounded chin that sticks out, a long pointed nose, and a predominant slouch. He wears an open-chested, dark-colored jumpsuit with a skeleton pattern following the limbs and ribs. He also a dark-colored top hat with a light-colored ribbon, as well as dark lipstick and eye makeup in the shape of a single line going down each eyelid. His appearance is reminiscent of a child's skeleton Halloween costume.[1]


Mont-d'Or is very fearful of Charlotte Linlin. He also cared greatly for Moscato before he was killed by his mother, warning him not to show fear or he would lose his life.[1] Mont-d'Or is also somewhat rude, speaking to a child in a scathing manner when asked about Moscato's status.[2]


Totto Land ArcEdit

When Charlotte Linlin suffered a craving for croquembouche, she went on a rampage and started devouring everything in Sweet City until her craving would be satisfied. Mont-d'Or was among the people who watched as Moscato attempted to calm his mother, but she attacked him. Mont-d'Or warned him not to show fear, but his efforts were futile, as Moscato tried to flee and Big Mom killed him.[1]

After Big Mom left to speak with Jinbe, Mont-d'Or ordered the guards to carry away Moscato's body. A child asked him if Moscato was dead and if Jinbe would be alright. Mont-d'Or only suggested that his interaction with Big Mom will not have a good outcome.[2]


  • Mont d'Or is the French name for a type of "Vacherin", a cow's milk cheese made in France and Switzerland.


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