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Mobston is a shipwright of Shimanami Company who appeared in One Piece Film: Z.[1]


Mobston Without His Hat On

Mobston without his hat.

Mobston is a large man who wears a pirate hat with a gold jolly roger, small black round glasses and has a gray beard. He wears a blue tank top, jeans and a captain's coat. He almost always has his parrot Bolt on his shoulder with the kanji 男, meaning man.[1]


Being a former sailor, he is very understanding of pirates, and helps them as he would help civilians. He likes men who risk their lives in the New World to pursue their dreams, and as a result of this, is angry at Z for shattering pirates' resolve.[1]



Gari is Mobston's grandson. Like Mobston, he shows interest in pirates, but unlike Mobston, also shows interest in Marines.


Mobston's granddaughter works at the Shimanami Company. She and her grandfather work to fix ships that get attacked by Z.


Bolt is Mobston's pet parrot that rests on Mobston's shoulder.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He has some skill as a shipwright.[1]



Several times in the past, Mobston saw many pirate crews' dreams shattered by Zephyr. Although he repaired their ships, the crews, having lost the will to continue, left their equipment and weapons on the island and left to parts unknown. Unable to stand by and let that happen, he stored the discarded gear and kept it safe so as to give it to whoever might be brave enough to stand up against Z.[1]

One Piece Film: ZEdit

When the Straw Hat Pirates shipwreck near Dock Island, Mobston and his grandchildren offer them assistance and shelter while the Thousand Sunny is being repaired. They tell them everything they know about Z, and when Mobston realizes that Luffy did not give up after being defeated by Zephyr, he offers to give him his best equipment to fight Z. As the Straw Hats go to Secon Island to gather more information about Z and eventually defeat him, Mobston helps Franky in repairing the Thousand Sunny.[1]

After the Straw Hats return from another defeat at the hands of Z, Mobston shows them the gear he had kept from pirates that Z defeated. He lets the Straw Hats use these items to defeat Z.[1]

The Straw Hats return from their battle with the Neo Marines, and give the gear back to Mobston. Mobston sees them off as they leave the island.[1]


  • His appearance resembles a stereotypical pirate, with a tricorne hat, a captain's coat, a beard and a parrot on his shoulder.


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