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The Moa Moa no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to amplify the size or speed of any object they touch.[2] It was eaten by Byrnndi World.


  • "Moa" is derived from the Japanese way of pronouncing the word "More", a reference to this fruit's power to increase certain quality.
  • In the FUNimation subs, it is called the More-More Fruit.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The main strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to increase the speed and size of things he or she touches, up to 100 times the original.[2] This can be exampled to the size of bullets and cannonballs, as well as the user's own speed. The increased speed can bring forth powerful momentum to increase the power of his physical attacks, while the sudden increase in size can increase physical strength and destructive range of the weapon.[1]

It has no known weaknesses aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. However, World has never been seen making an object both faster and bigger at the same time, suggesting that he is incapable of this.[1]


Byrnndi World primarily uses this fruit's power in combat, using it to increase the size of weapons and projectiles such as a scythe and bullets. This grants him tremendous physical attack force at unexpected timing, while moving at very difficult to perceive speed and turning simple makeshift ammunition into high-speed projectiles.[1]


  • More More Hyakubai Gan (モアモア百倍銃 Moa Moa Hyaku-bai Gan?, literally meaning "More More Hundredfold Gun"): World launches a projectile and enlarges an object to 100 times its original size while it's flying towards his opponent. He first uses this to increase the size of bullets he fired at some Marine battleships.[1]
  • More More Hyakubai Giri (モアモア百倍斬り Moa Moa Hyaku-bai Giri?, literally meaning "More More Hundredfold Slash"): World enlarges a scythe to 100 times its original size while it's flying towards his opponent. He first uses this to chop down a Marine battleship.[1]
  • More More Jubai Sandan (モアモア十倍散弾 Moa Moa Jū-bai Sandan?, literally meaning "More More Tenfold Shotgun"): World spits pellets from his mouth while enlarging them to 10 times their original size at his opponent. This was first used against Boa Marigold.[1]
  • More More Gojubai Ho (モアモア五十倍砲 Moa Moa Gojū-bai Hō?, literally meaning "More More Fiftyfold Cannon"): World throws a handful of bullets while enlarging them to 50 times their original size (making them comparable to cannonballs) at his opponent. This was first used against Monkey D. Luffy.[1]
  • More More Jubai Soku (モアモア十倍速 Moa Moa Jū-bai Soku?, literally meaning "More More Tenfold Speed"): World increases his speed to 10 times his original speed, making it comparable to (or greater than) the Soru technique. He first used this against Luffy.[1]
  • More More Sanjubai Soku (モアモア三十倍速 Moa Moa Sanjū-bai Soku?, literally meaning "More More Thirtyfold Speed"): World increases his speed to 30 times his original speed. This was first used during his second fight with Luffy.[1]
  • More More Hyakubai Soku (モアモア百倍速 Moa Moa Hyaku-bai Soku?, literally meaning "More More Hundredfold Speed"): World increases his speed to 100 times his normal speed and throws a barrage of punches at his opponent. He first uses this against Luffy.[1]
  • Gojubai Soku: Gekitsui (五十倍速 劇槌 Gojū-bai Soku Gekitsui?, literally meaning "Fiftyfold Speed: Furious Hammer"): World grabs his opponent and increases his speed 50 times his original speed and uses it to increase the power when swinging them around and throwing them into the ground. He first uses this against Luffy.[1]
  • More More Hyakubai Ho (モアモア百倍砲 Moa Moa Hyaku-bai Hō?, literally meaning "More More Hundredfold Cannon"): World fires the giant cannon of his ship and increases the already gigantic cannonball to 100 times its original size. This is powerful enough to destroy an island. This was first used against a Marine fleet, but the cannonball was cut in half by Dracule Mihawk.[1]


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