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Miss Universe
Miss Universe Manga Infobox
Japanese Name: ミス・ユニバース
Romanized Name: Misu Yunibāsu
English Name: Miss Universe
Debut: Chapter 261 cover[1]
Affiliations: Evil Black Drum Kingdom
Occupations: Miss Universe; Queen

Miss Universe is a beautiful woman who married Wapol after he became the head of his own corporation in his mini-story.[2] Two years after that, she became the queen of Black Drum Kingdom, with Wapol being the king.[3]


She is known for her beauty, her long dark dresses, and open laughing mouth which she holds with both of her appearances. She has light purple hair as the color scheme from One Piece Green shows. After becoming the queen, she added a dark cape with bat wings on the shoulders, a hood with a crow design, light-colored, long gloves, and an eye-mask.

Wapol and Miss Universe Color Schemes
Wapol and Miss Universe's color-schemes from One Piece Green.
Miss Universe's Outfit Pre Timeskip
Miss Universe's outfit before the timeskip.


Miss Universe is very shallow, since she only married Wapol for his wealth.


Wapol's Omnivorous HurrahEdit

After Wapol became successful in his toy making business and opened his own company, Miss Universe married Wapol and lived a luxurious life with him.

Two Years LaterEdit

Two years later, she is still married to Wapol and they are now the king and queen of the new Evil Black Drum Kingdom, due to their company's enormous success being rewarded by the World Nobles.



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