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Miss Catherina[3] is one of the Baroque Works Millions agents from Whiskey Peak. She wears a nun's disguise. Her partner is Mr. Beans.


Miss Catherina Manga Color Scheme

Miss Catherina's color scheme in the manga.

She is an average woman, dressed in a religious habit. She wears a black long dress with long sleeves, and a veil that covers her hair. She was also seen with a cross that doubled as a poison container.


She seemed to be very trustworthy when the Straw Hats first arrived at Whiskey Peak. Later, she betrayed them and turned out to be working for Baroque Works.

Abilities and PowersEdit


She uses a disguised cross she calls "Kami no Gokago Metsubushi" (神のご加護目潰し? literally "God’s Blinding Protection"; Gesundhit in the Viz manga, a corruption of "Gesundheit", German for "Health") which sprays smoke that blinds the opponent, allowing her to go in for the kill. She first used it on Zoro. She also wields a katana with which she kills the opponent with while they are blinded.


Whiskey Peak ArcEdit

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Whiskey Peak they were welcomed with open arms by the locals to a grand party.[4] During Zoro's rampage of the island, both her and her partner try to fool him into believing that they are just innocent bystanders to get his guard down, then try to gas him. Zoro saw through the deception though and knocked them out using the blunt end of his swords.[2]


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