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Mirrorball Island
Mirrorball Island Infobox
Japanese Name: ミラーボール島 (アイランド)
Romanized Name: Mirābōru Airando
English Name: Mirrorball Island
Debut: Chapter 135; Mini Series Jango's Dance Carnival
Region: East Blue

Mirrorball Island is an island located in the East Blue. It appears in the "Jango's Dance Paradise" Mini Series.


Mirrorball Island Anime
Mirrorball Island in Jango's Dance Carnival.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

Mirrorball Island is the setting of the first One Piece featurette, Jango's Dance Carnival. It is also the place where Jango and Fullbody first met.

The headquarters of Doskoi Panda, a popular brand-name franchise in East Blue, are on Mirrorball Island.[1]

The island has a dome around itself from which the namesake mirrorball hangs from the sky.[2]


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