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Michael and Hoichael are two kids who are troublemakers in the backstreets of Water 7. They idolize Franky, and even dress like him and use his motto as their own: "Mm, super!!" They also idolize Paulie. However, their backstreet delinquency has earned them ire from at least Tilestone and Peeply Lulu.


Michael has short spiky hair. He wears a red vest with a green pattern that looks like grass. He also wears a yellow shirt underneath that has his name and a white circle. The middle of the circle has red and white.

Hoichael has short brown hair which seems to be growing only on the top spot of his head. He is missing teeth. He wears a blue vest with pink flowers pattern, and underneath he wears a brown shirt with his name. In the middle of the shirt is a white circle that surrounds a red circle.


Since they idolize Franky, they tend to imitate him, going as far as using his motto.


Water 7 ArcEdit

They were originally suspected by Tilestone and Peeply Lulu to be the assassins who were after Iceburg.[3]

Post-Enies Lobby ArcEdit

When Garp arrives, a scene is added with them where they attempt to mug Zoro when he is trying to return to the Galley-La house to warn the others. But Zoro beats them up and has them show him the way back. In the manga, he shows up with them, and no explanation is given for how they met and they are never seen again.

In a filler episode, the two reappear as members of Aunt's "family"; while not related by blood, they consider each other siblings, and Aunt their mother. They appear before Zoro and force him to join their family over his objections. Zoro leaves after helping them defeat some loan collectors, saying that he considers his crew his family.


  • According to SBS Volume 39, their criminal records involve vandalism (window-shattering), shoplifting and Yagara Bull gang activity. They've also been caught at least 620 times, in a span of 6 years.


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