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Coral Hill (サンゴが丘 Sango ga Oka?) is a port town on Fishman Island.

Notable PlacesEdit

Mermaid CaféEdit

The Mermaid Cafe.

The Mermaid Café (マーメイドカフェ Māmeido Kafe?) is a restaurant owned by Madam Shyarly in Coral Hill. Keimi and several other mermaids work here.[1] The cafe's employees all live in the same dormitory in Mermaid Cove and are young attractive girls who bring men to the establishment for their charm and beauty like a hostess club. It first appeared in Chapter 610 and Episode 529.

The cafe's menu includes: cake, sea fruits, wakame seaweed brulee, mozuku seaweed tarts, konbu kelp souffle, shellfish meat, scallop sandwiches, and shijimi clam pizza.[2]

The cafe is apparently very popular, as one of Gyro's crew member's dream was to visit it, and was incredibly disappointed to be deprived of it, despite the danger they were in.[3] It was due to Hody Jones' actions that the cafe had so little customers for a while, and once he and his crew were defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, Shyarly believed that the customers should be returning soon.[4]


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