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Memories is the first One Piece ending. The song is sung by Maki Otsuki with the English version sung by Brina Palencia. For the original and FUNimation dubs, it is featured in Episode 1 to Episode 30.


The screen opens to an angled back view of Luffy looking out over an ocean turned gold by the setting sun, with the camera zooming in as the song continues. As the song progresses, it steadily gets closer and more Straw Hats appear. First Zoro, then Nami, Usopp, and lastly Sanji. It finishes while still zooming in on the five now looking at the gold ocean.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation



連れていって 思い出が色あせないように



連れていって せつなさが追いつかないように

連れていって 思い出が色あせないように

連れていって せつなさが追いつかないように

Chisana koro ni wa takara no chizu ga
Atama no naka ni ukandeite
Itsudemo sagashita kiseki no basho o
Shiranai dareka ni makenai you ni

Ima de wa hokori darake no mainichi
Itsu no hi ka subete no
Toki ni mi o makaseru dake

Moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
Nanimo shiranai koro no watashi ni
Tsurete itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni

Chisana koro kara uta o utatte
Yume miru kokoro atatameteta
Minna de maneshita himitsu no merodi
Kondo wa jouzu ni kikoeru you ni

Ima de wa tame iki tsuite bakari de
Daremo mada hontou no
Yume sae tsukamenai mama

Moshi mo jidai ga modoru no nara
Namida o shitta koro no watashi ni
Tsurete itte setsunasa ga oitsukanai you ni

Moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
Nanimo shiranai koro no watashi ni
Tsurete itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni

Tsurete itte setsunasa ga oitsukanai you ni

when I was young, a treasure map
was spread in my mind
making sure that someone unknown won't take
the miraculous place that I've been searching for

right now, it's life filled with dusts
someday, I'll leave it up to
everything's time

if the world ever changes
take me to myself that never knew a thing
making sure that memories won't fade away

I was singing since I was small
warming the heart that dreams
the secret melody that everyone imitated
making sure that it can be done better this time

right now, I keep on sighing
everyone is still unable to
grab the true dream

if the time ever goes back
take me to myself that learned tears
making sure that loneliness can't catch up

if the world ever changes
take me to myself that never knew a thing
making sure that memories won't fade away

making sure that loneliness can't catch up

FUNimation VersionEdit

English Credits:

English Lyrics - Caitlin Glass
English Singer - Brina Palencia


As a kid, I never stopped
Searching for a great treasure
I had a map in my mind
That I knew would lead me

I had to find my way to that place
Before someone could beat me
The promised land was in my grasp
And I wouldn't let go

Day after day...
No matter what may come there's nothing that can take away from me

My only dream...
I won't stop chasing it until it comes true

But if the world ever changes
I'll call out your name
We could return to the time
When everything's the same

As long as I'm with you
My memories won't fade
Waiting for that one true dream...


  • This song is used in Episode of Merry. Also there is a remake with adding Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and the ships.
  • This song is used in Episode 130.

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