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Mecha Island
Mecha Island Infobox
Japanese Name: メカ島
Romanized Name: Meka Shima
English Name: N/A
Debut: Movie 7
Region: Grand Line

Mecha Island is a non-canon island of advanced (for the One Piece world) machines, though most of the people live in normal towns. It is ruled by Ratchet and the island is actually a giant sleeping sea turtle that only wakes up every one thousand years to lay her eggs. Because of this, no Log Pose will point towards it as it does not have any magnetic field, making it impossible to find. The only known way to reach this island is by using a "Turtle Pose", which uses a tiny baby sea turtle as a compass. The island used to be called the Island Turtle (シマガメ Shimagame?)  for this reason. This is the location of The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, the seventh One Piece movie.

Notable CitizensEdit

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Mecha Island Citizens
Ratchet Honki Maji Roba Gonzo

Boei SystemEdit

The Boei System (防衛システム Bouei System?) (Literally meaning Defense System) is an army of robots on Mecha Island that fires arrows. It is owned by Ratchet, and first appeared in Movie 7.

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