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For the female character from One Piece Film Z, see Marin (Film Z).

Marin is a male slave who was forced to dress as a mermaid by his owner.[1]


Marin is a large, overweight okama. As an Okama, he dresses like a woman, with long blonde hair and makeup. He has stubble around his mouth and sports a swimsuit that covers his chest. He wore a fake mermaid tail, and had a slave chain around his neck.


Marin seemed quite tired and distressed while swimming in his aquarium-like cell, since he is not a real mermaid and can not survive in water.


Sabaody Archipelago ArcEdit

Sometime before he was presented to Luffy, Hatchan, and Pappug while they were searching slave shops for Keimi, he was captured by slavers and became a slave. Marin was restrained by a chain collar and could barely swim in his aquarium-like cell.[1]


  • Marin is a French word that translates to sailor, or "from the sea".


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