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Marilyn[2] is an old lady that lives in Skypiea. She was Miss Skypiea forty-two years ago.

After Enel's defeat, the Straw Hats threw a party, during which she danced with Sanji.


Marilyn is a rather chubby woman with dark brown curly hair. Part of her hair is put up like antennae like other Skypiean people. She wears a dark purple dress, with a black belt. She also wears dark red lipstick.


She appears to be a kind woman, and a fun loving person, as she danced with Sanji at a party.



Forty-two years ago, she became Miss Skypiea.

Skypiea ArcEdit

After the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Enel, they threw a party. Marilyn went to the party and celebrated the Straw Hat Pirates' victory. She danced with Sanji while partying.


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  2. One Piece Manga - SBS question Volume 35 page 25 Marilyn's name revealed.

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