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Margarita Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: マルガリータ
Romanized Name: Marugarīta
Official English Name: Margarita
Debut: Chapter 483; Episode 375[1]
Affiliations: Neutral civilian
Occupations: Maid
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Houko Kuwashima
Funi English VA: Jamie Marchi

Margarita is the owner of the shadow that was inserted into Victoria Cindry's corpse twelve years ago.


Margarita is a young, average-sized girl with freckles, dark blue eyes and light brown, wavy hair worn in a ponytail. She was seen wearing her working clothes: a maid outfit.


Like her zombie, Margarita dislikes plates, though she tried coping with it. She seems very kind and emotional, as she starts crying with relief when her employer was not angry with her for breaking his plates.



Twelve years ago, her shadow was stolen by Gekko Moriah and was placed in Victoria Cindry's corpse.

Thriller Bark ArcEdit

When her shadow returns after Moriah's defeat, she accidentally drops some of her employer's rare plates, but he is pleased to see that her shadow has returned, and celebrates with her.[2]


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