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Lola (Zombie) Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ローラ
Romanized Name: Rōra
Official English Name: Lola
Debut: Chapter 451; Episode 345
Affiliations: Thriller Bark
Occupations: General Zombie
Status: Deceased
Japanese VA: Aya Hisakawa
Funi English VA: Alex Moore
For other characters with the same name, see Lola (Disambiguation).

Lola was a zombie created by Dr. Hogback's surgical skills and Gekko Moriah's Kage Kage no Mi powers. She was animated from the shadow of a human whose name is also Lola.


Lola was a zombie stitched together from the remains of a warthog. She was pinkish in color and dressed in clothes that were a combination of battle armor and a wedding dress. Her metallic shoulder pads and corsets that she wore on her wedding dress were golden in color. Lola also possessed a rather large skeletal mouth that contained two large warthog tusks and red lipstick imprinted on the tip. She also had a small scar in between her two nostrils.


Lola (Zombie) Manga Color Scheme
Lola's manga color scheme.


Lola's Zombie was completely and utterly in love with Absalom, even though she was a zombie. For this, she did many insane things to marry him. Two examples were when she tricked him into signing a marriage certificate and when she attempted to pursue and kill Nami, a woman Absalom had his eyes on.


Nami and Lola Talk

Lola and "Namizo" chat together on how to get Absalom to finally marry Lola.

Lola's Zombie was in love with Absalom. However, her affection was unfortunately one sided. He did not love her because she was a rotting animal zombie while he is a living human. Despite this, Lola vigorously pursued after Absalom's affection.[1]

While originally wanting to kill Nami, Lola became friends with her when Nami offered to become her friend. The zombie had never had any friends, so this offer moved the warthog deeply. Nami tricked Lola into being her friend by saying that she was a man so that Lola would not kill her.

The friendship became truly real as the events in Thriller Bark conspired. This friendship was so deep and meaningful that it was inherited by the original Lola when she received her shadow back.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a zombie, Lola possessed great strength that enabled her to attack foes that got in her way and was more durable than a human. In battle, she used two long katanas.

While not exactly a fighting style per say, Lola inherited a form of martial arts from the Lola whose shadow was animating her, called Hanayome Bujutsu (花嫁武術 [はなよめぶじゅつ] Bridal Arts?)(Bridal Martial Arts in the Funimation dub). They were basically just a way for her to show her affection to the one she loved rather than a way to defeat an opponent. The only "attack", per say, of this "fighting style" was Chikai no Kiss (誓いのKiss [ちかいのキス] Chikai no Kisu?, Oath Kiss) (Marital Vow Kiss in the Funimation dub). Lola just tried to kiss her love in order to seal a marriage bond between them. It is shown to be powerful, as she made a kiss mark in the ground. This was first seen being used unsuccessfully against Absalom, who blocked every attempt from Lola to kiss him.[1]

Exclusively in the anime, Lola was seen performing more moves of the Bridal Arts against Absalom.

  • Chikai no Hug (誓いのハグ Chikai no Hagu?, Oath Hug): Lola trying to hug her love in a lovey dovey, if not violent, manner. In the Funimation dub, this is called Sweetie-Pie Hug.[3]
  • Chikai no Love Attack (誓いのラブアタック Chikai no Rabu Atakku?, Oath Love Attack): Lola pins down her love and attempts to force him to sign a marriage certificate. In the Funimation dub, this is called Love Sign Attack: Certificate Seal.
  • Chikai no Himesama Dakko (誓いの姫様抱っこ Chikai no Himesama Dakko?, Oath Princess Catch) Lola jumped onto her loved one and pinned him down in a very suggestive position. From this position, she could attempt to kiss him. This is called Embrace of Your Princess in the Funimation dub.


Lola was created three years ago before the current storyline. The original Lola and her crew came to Thriller Bark and were stripped of their shadows by Gekko Moriah. The pirate captain's shadow was then placed inside a large warthog corpse stitched together by Hogback. The zombie Lola was then created and served under Absalom.[4]

When Absalom summoned the General Zombies from their tomb for their attack against the Straw Hats, the zombie Lola also arose from her grave.[1] Happy to see Absalom, she tried to trick him into marrying her. Absalom, seeing through her tricks, tried to explain to her that he is a human and she is a rotting warthog, and thus they cannot be married. He also explained to her that he had already found a bride for himself, Nami. Angered by this, Lola decided to hunt down and kill Nami.[1]

After searching around Thriller Bark, Lola found Nami in Perona's garden and began attacking her.[5] After a brief bout with Inuppe, Lola continued chasing after Nami. When Lola finally caught up with Nami and was about to kill her, Nami stated that she is actually a gay man in drag whose true name is Namizo.[6] Tricked by this lie, Lola decided to not kill Nami. Nami then proceeded to say that she supports Lola's love for Absalom. Moved by this, Lola burst into tears and became friends with Nami. After a brief chat with Nami about ways to win Absalom over and the location of the island's treasure, Lola learned that Absalom was coming their way. Motivated by their talk, Lola decided to pursue her love.

After chasing Absalom for a while, Lola lost track of him. After some time, however, Lola was able find him again. She barged in on the wedding between Absalom and Nami and made it appear that she wanted to kill Nami. However, she was really intending on helping Nami because she saw her as a true friend. She attempted to distract Absalom with an offer of marriage. Absalom shot her with his bazookas, which enraged Nami into knocking him out. Lola then revealed that she knew from the beginning Nami was really a woman.

With one gigantic kiss upon an unconscious Absalom, Lola "married" him. She then informed Nami about the current situation on the island.[7] Later as the zombie watched the Straw Hats battle against Oars and Moriah, the shadow implanted in her was recalled by Moriah and implanted in himself along with the other shadows he stole. The corpse that was the zombie known as Lola has since then returned to being an empty lifeless shell.[8]

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References Edit

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