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Lola (Filler) Infobox
Japanese Name: ローラ
Romanized Name: Rōra
English Name: N/A
Debut: Special 3
Affiliations: Randolph Theater (former)
Occupations: Actress
Japanese VA: Kiyoko Nagaki
For other characters with the same name, see Lola (Disambiguation).

Lola is an actress who appeared in the 3rd Special One Piece episode.[1] She worked together with Randolph, but she quit the troupe.


Lola is a woman of average height with Pink hair. She wears a fur coat along with a strapless yellow dress, which has a purple pattern down the middle of it.


She is rather vain and selfish. She does not care about other people and only wants to become rich and famous as an actress, even if it means resorting to corrupt actions such as planting evidence and perjury.


She is believed to be a skilled actress.


At some point, shortly before her first appearance, she allegedly planted stolen weapons on the ship to help Governor frame Randolph.

While Randolph and the other actors were rehearsing, Lola, along with two other actors appeared, and she announced that she was quitting the troupe. She called it worn out and told them it was silly how hard they were trying for how little money they make. She then leaves, saying goodbye to Randolph.[2]

When Governor accused Randolph of selling stolen weapons to pirates, Lola appeared and gave a false testimony, saying that she and the other members of the troupe had to help with the illegal operations and could not protest as that meant getting fired.


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  2. One Piece AnimeEpisode Special 3, Lola leaves the troupe.

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