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For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 105.
Log Pose
Log Pose Infobox
Japanese Name: 記録指針(ログポース)
Romanized Name: Rogu Pōsu
Official English Name: Log Pose
Grand Compass (4Kids)
First Appearance: Chapter 104; Episode 63
Purpose: Grand Line compass
Owner(s): Various

A Log Pose is a compass-like navigational device; a necessity for traveling the Grand Line. It is a wrist watch with a glass orb sitting on top, and a needle floating inside the middle of that orb suspended from the top by a thin piece of metal or wire.

Normal compasses do not work in the Grand Line due to the special magnetic waves created from each island. The Log Pose functions by recording the magnetic wave of an island in the Grand Line, and points to the next island for the user to travel to. How long it takes to lock onto the magnetic waves varies from island to island. Once on an island for the required amount of time, the recording of the magnetic wave resets to accommodate the new island.[1] The standard Log Pose is unsafe to use in the New World.[2]

A variation of the Log Pose is the Eternal Pose, which always points to a specified island.

New World Log Pose Edit

New World Log Pose

A Log Pose for use in the New World.

The standard Log Pose is not good enough for the New World, due to the fact that some islands change, or completely hide, their magnetic fields at random, which may leave a crew stranded if they rely on a single Log Pose. To navigate safely through the New World, crews need to have a Log Pose with three needles. Each needle represents a different island, and the stability of the needle reflects the stability of the island's magnetic field.

Log Pose Owners Edit

Many characters throughout the story own a Log Pose, as it is necessary to travel the Grand Line:

Paradise VersionEdit

New World VersionEdit

References Edit

  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 12 Chapter 104 and Episode 63, Crocus explains about the necessity of a Log Pose.
  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 62 Chapter 614 and Episode 533, Minister of the Left claims that the Log Pose alone does not work in the New World.

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