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Liar Noland is a picture book from the North Blue about Montblanc Noland. The tale is a child's fairy tale about one of the biggest liars in the world and is over four hundred years old.

The book is first mentioned by Sanji, who read it as a child and explains its fame throughout North Blue. The events that take place within the book are based on the person of the same name and also on real events connected to him. Parents use the book to teach their children that if they lie they will end up like Noland.


A story over four hundred years ago...

In a certain country in the northern seas,
there was a man named Montblanc Noland.
Noland the Explorer's stories were always grand adventures that sounded like lies.
But the people of the village could never tell if they were true or not.

One time, Noland went on an expedition,
and came back to report to the king.
"I saw a mountain of gold on an island across the great seas."
To see for himself, the brave king took two thousand warriors
and crossed the great seas in his ship.
He fought powerful storms and huge sea monsters.

Finally, the king, Noland, and one hundred soldiers landed on the island.
But what they found there was nothing but jungle.
Noland was sentenced to death for his lies.
These were his last words.
"That's it! The mountain of gold sank into the ocean!!!" The king and the others were shocked.

Nobody believed Noland anymore, but he never stopped lying until he was dead.
— Northern folk tale, "Noland the Liar".[2]

Differences Between Storybook and TruthEdit

Storybook image True story Storybook image True story
Pop up Noland KolT1 KolF2 KolT2
1. Noland speaks of his adventures. 2. Noland goes to the King.
KolF3 KolT3 KolF4 KolT4
3. Noland tells about his discovery. 4. The expedition encounters a sea monster.
KolF5 KolT5 KolF6 KolT6
5. Arrival at Jaya. 6. What they see there.
Pop up Noland2 KolT7  
7. Final look.



King of Lvneel

The King of Lvneel.

The events that led to the books existence started 400 years ago when Noland told his king about seeing a city filled with gold. The greedy king made a rash decision to take 200 soldiers and three ships to the island to conquer it and take the gold for himself, while refusing to bring along Noland's experienced crew due to prioritizing his own safety. However, when the journey was over, they had 50 soldiers and only one of the ships left; furthermore there was nothing but jungle and the king accused Noland of lying to him.

Back at Lvneel, the king ordered Noland's execution and announced to everyone that Noland was a liar. To make matters worse, he rejected all testimonies of Noland's crew and instead hired a fake crew member to lie with a priest present, who was also acting out on the king's orders.

Creation of the BookEdit

In order to cover up the embarrassment of this misunderstanding, the Lvneel government published the children's book Liar Noland, depicting the king as a hero and Noland as a liar. Because of the book's existence, which became a final insult to Noland, the Montblanc family and all of Noland's descendants were humiliated by the events told within, while Noland's physical features have been distorted over the centuries, as the defacing image of an ever smiling idiot has appeared within the book. Many of Noland's descendants were driven to try and prove that Noland was telling the truth, but all failed to achieve this goal for the next four hundred years to come.

Saruyama AllianceEdit

Montblanc Cricket arrived on Jaya by chance. His crew abandoned him and he was left to duel with the legacy of Noland alone. Finally, Masira and Shoujou, who were fans of the book, arrived to help Cricket. Though Cricket was reluctant to allow this, he grew to accept their help. Eventually, events of the Straw Hats on Sky Island prove that the city of gold really existed. Though the book continued to be unaffected by this discovery, Cricket found peace with his ancestor's legacy to continue onto other dreams, knowing that the book about his ancestor was a lie.

Bellamy PiratesEdit

Originally the two primary members of the Bellamy Pirates, Bellamy and Sarkies, read the book while they were in North Blue, and regarded the legend of the City of Gold and all related matter as ludicrous lies and nonsense. The crew would deride anyone who believed such things, and they even went out of their way to attack the Saruyama Alliance to steal the gold. However, after Luffy defeated Bellamy, the crew went out and saw with their own eyes that the Sky Island indeed existed. Later, it is rumored in Dressrosa that Bellamy gave the gold post, which was once part of the golden bell that was intended to be given to the Straw Hats, as an offering to Donquixote Doflamingo.


Video Game AppearancesEdit


  • All of the characters depicted in the storybook version of Noland were also present in the scene where he tells everyone stories of his adventures, Pandaman included.
  • Sanji can be seen reading the book during his flashback in the Germa Kingdom.[3]


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