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In One Piece, many characters are known to laugh in unusual ways by either adding to the typical "haha" or using different syllables entirely. These laughter patterns are often unique to individuals and may be based on their personalities or appearances. Some of the especially weird laughs are different in translated versions; for example, Caesar's "shurororo" becomes "shuhohoho" in the English manga.

It should be noted that laughing style of "Fufufufu" or "Ufufufufu" is a common Japanese laughing style used for mature women in anime and manga. In addition, the common phrase "Arara" is not a laugh, but rather the Japanese version of "Oh my, oh my, oh my".

The line between "unique laugh" and "verbal tic" is easily blurred, given that some less plausible patterns are only recognizable as laughter within context.

Characters with a distinctive laugh may laugh in other ways as well; for example, Luffy has a distinctive "shishishi" chuckle, but when something is actually funny, he uses "hahaha" or similar instead.

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