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Lacuba is a pirate famed as a devious tactician, with a bounty of Beli17,000,000.


Lacuba is a tall man with a brown coat and hat. He has long black hair and a beard, and has his crew's jolly roger tattooed on his chest. After his attempted to suicide, the tip of his tongue was flat from biting it off.


Lacuba is a prideful man, as he would rather attempt suicide than spend the rest of his life being humiliated as a slave.


Sabaody Archipelago ArcEdit

At some point in his life he was captured and taken to the Auction House.

Sabaody Slaves Celebrate Their Freedom

Lacuba and the other slaves celebrate their freedom.

After protesting over becoming a slave,[2] he choose death over slavery and attempted suicide on stage by biting his tongue which led to his collapse.[3]

He was later seen alongside the other slaves when Franky threw the keys to them, though his tongue was flat due to biting it earlier.[4][5]


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