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"Dozing" Kyoshiro is a samurai[2] and a money changer in Wano Country's Flower Capital, working for the Kurozumi Family.[1] He is also the boss of a yakuza group called the Kyoshiro Family.[2]


Kyoshiro is a large man whose hair is pulled back in a topknot that forms a massive faux-pompadour. He wears a kimono with circles and target patterns on it, as well as a dark, high-collared cape.[1]


Kyoshiro is a cheerful man who loves to drink. While intoxicated, he was unafraid of speaking bluntly about the shogun Kurozumi Orochi despite the potential danger, and he mocked the shogun for believing a prophecy from the Kozuki Family about his downfall. In this state, he is prone to experiencing rapid mood swings, ranging from laughter to intensity to falling asleep.[1]

Due to his self-indulgence, Kyoshiro does not appear to bother with his obligations as the boss of his family. This was seen when he ordered his subordinate to contact Queen himself for an assassin to eliminate an individual who refused to comply with their extortion.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a worker for the Kurozumi Family, Kyoshiro possesses considerable status and influence, having the resources to lounge around with geisha dancers performing for him.[1] As the boss of the Kyoshiro Family, Kyoshiro commands strong henchmen who can extort businesses for money. Thanks to his connections within Wano's government, Kyoshiro is able to strengthen his group further by requesting assistance from his allies, particularly the Yonko-led Beasts Pirates.[2]


Kyoshiro carries a sword, but has not been seen using it.[1]


Wano Country ArcEdit

As he was drinking alcohol, Kyoshiro began to mock Kurozumi Orochi for living in fear of the prophecy stated by Kozuki Oden's wife, which was that the Kozuki Family would avenge themselves after 20 years. They were now at the 20th year, and Kyoshiro could not believe that this would happen since the entire family had supposedly died.[1]

After he was invited to Orochi's banquet, Kyoshiro heard that a soba shop owner beat up some of his henchmen. Since he would be attending the banquet, he ordered a subordinate to contact Queen to send assassins.[2]


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