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Kodama Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: 小玉
Romanized Name: Kodama
Official English Name: Kodama
Debut: Episode 134[1]
Affiliations: Neutral Civilian[1]
Occupations: Pyrotechnician[1]
Residence: Fireworks Island
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Kumiko Nishihara[1]
4Kids English VA: N/A
Funi English VA: Alese Johnson[1]

Kodama is an anime-only character that appeared in the Post-Alabasta Arc. She lives on Fireworks Island with her grandfather, Odama, whom she helps as best she can.[1]


Kodama has black, short hair parted in the middle over a headband. She also wears a blue dress with yellow sleeves. Under her dress she wears an orange T-shirt. She also has an obi tied around her waist.[1]


She is an enthusiastic child that is not willing to give up on a dream, as she wanted to create the firework "Ball 205", despite knowing the risk of creating it.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

She is a great fireworks expert and also makes them, as she co-created Ball 205, which her parents were working on until they died. Thanks to Usopp, she was able to successfully launch the firework.[1]


Her parents passed away due to the malfunction of a firework named Ball 205 during the festival from the year before she encountered the Straw Hat Pirates. The year she met the Straw Hats, she had planned to release the Ball 205 at nightfall, hoping to accomplish her parents' dream. Usopp managed to help her make that dream come true. [1]


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