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Koba K
Koba K Infobox
Japanese Name: N/A
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: N/A
Debut: Movie 9
Occupations: Pirate
Bounty: Beli Small100,000[1]

Koba K is only seen in a wanted poster at the beginning of Movie 9.


Koba K is a bald man with tan skin with some stubble on his chin that thickens closer to his neck. He wears glasses with a cracked red lens on the left eye.


Nothing is known about his personality.

Abilities and PowersEdit

It is believed Koba K is a less skilled pirate to receive a bounty of only Beli100,000.


At some point Koba K was given a bounty of Beli100,000 by the World Government. It is unknown if it is still active.


  1. One Piece Anime - Movie 9, Koba K's wanted poster is seen in the intro alongside others.

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