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Kitsunebi-ryu is a swordsmanship style used by the samurai Kin'emon.


The Kitsunebi-ryu allows the user to generate, attack with, and cut with fire. It can also be used to cut the fire created by an explosion to protect the user from harm.[1] How the fire is produced is currently unknown. Kitsunebi-ryu is not derived from a Devil Fruit, as Kin'emon already possesses a Devil Fruit of an unrelated power.[2]


  • Homura Saki (焔裂き Homura Saki?, literally meaning "Flame Split"): Kin'emon slashes the sword and splits an incoming fire attack. This was first used to slice through the explosion caused by pieces of Smiley[1] and was first named when slicing through Vegapunk's dragon's flame breath.[3] In the FUNimation subs this is called Flame Split.
  • Karyu Issen (火柳一閃 Karyū Issen?, literally meaning "Firework Flash"): Kin'emon attacks with a powerful flaming slash. This was first used to defeat a group of G-5 Marines.[4] However, it was first named when defeating Vegapunk's dragon. This technique is similar to Zoro's Hiryu Kaen technique. In the FUNimation subs this is called Flaming Flash.


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  • Kitsune - Wikipedia article on Kitsune the mythical creature the style is named after.

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