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King Baum is a tree homie and the master of the Seducing Woods on Whole Cake Island.[1]


Baum is an extremely large tree homie with a wide trunk and a large amount of foliage. He has small eyes, a very long and pointy nose, a very long handlebar mustache, a mouth full of sharp teeth, a large tongue, and two rather small arms that cannot even reach across his body.[1]


Baum takes his duties very seriously and will ensure that all intruders in the Seducing Woods are killed. He carries some pride with his position, viewing outside assistance as unnecessary and being confident in the abilities of him and his subordinates. He is the only homie so far to not fear Charlotte Cracker.[1]

He has a habit of adding the suffix "-ju" to the end of his sentences,[1] which is a pronunciation of one of the kanji for tree (樹).

Abilities and PowersEdit

As Master of the Seducing Woods, Baum has authority over all the homies and other people stationed in it. Under his command, no intruder has managed to leave the Seducing Woods alive.[1]



At some point in the past, Baum was given a human soul by Big Mom's Devil Fruit power, and he was put in charge of the Seducing Woods. Under his command, there is no known intruder who have left the Seducing Woods alive.[1]

Totto Land ArcEdit

When Charlotte Cracker arrived at the Seducing Woods in order to take over attacking the Sanji retrieval team, Baum and Charlotte Brûlée grew offended, stating that they would have assuredly taken care of the team without Cracker's help. While Nami and Pound were fleeing the scene, Baum, Brûlée, and the homies pursued them until Nami took out a Vivre Card. The homies halted their advance when they felt Big Mom's soul from the Vivre Card.[1]

As Nami tried to tell Luffy to retreat, Baum and Brûlée confronted her and Pound. With Pound's assistance, Nami managed to overpower Brûlée, shocking Baum and the other homies.[2]

While the homies were afraid of getting involved in Cracker and Luffy's battle, Nami asked them whom they feared more: Cracker or Big Mom. They answered that Nami scared them more than either of the Charlottes.[3]

11 hours later, Baum grew increasingly concerned as Luffy and Cracker continued chipping at each other's stamina.[4]


  • Baum is the German word for tree.
  • Baum's name may come from L. Frank Baum, the author of the fantasy novel The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz featured talking enemy trees much like Baum.


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