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Kechatch Infobox
Japanese Name: ケチャッチ
Romanized Name: Kechatchi
English Name: Kechatch
Debut: Chapter 553
Affiliations: His own crew; Ally of the Whitebeard Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain
Japanese VA: N/A

Kechatch[1] is an infamous New World pirate who allied himself with the Whitebeard Pirates.


Kachatch is an average sized man, with long hair, and makeup on his cheeks. He wears a black pirate hat, with a Jolly Roger on it. He also wears a black coat with light thats light colored at the end of the sleeves, and a light colired shirt with black lines and dots underneath. He is also seen riding on a large dog, similar to a pug.


Kechatch With His Dog
A sketch of Kechatch and his dog.


Having only appeared on a small number of occasions, there is little of his personality that can be ascertained as of late.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Kechatch is a fearsome pirate who has managed to achieve an infamous reputation in the New World, and to make an alliance with Whitebeard. He is seen riding on a large dog, but it is unknown if he fights with it or not.


Some time prior to the current storyline, Kechatch became a known pirate in the New World, and allied himself with Whitebeard.

Marineford ArcEdit

He is only seen in the beginning of the battle, when the Pirates Captains charges the Vice-Admirals.

Post War ArcEdit

He, along with the rest of the crew, attanded Whitebeard's and Ace's funeral on a undisclosed island somewhere in the New World.

Major BattlesEdit

Whitebeard Pirates and their allies vs. the Marines and Shichibukai


  • His name may have come from the word "ketch", a sailing craft with two masts.


  1. One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, Kechatch's name is revealed.

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