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Katayoku no Taka (One-Winged Hawk) is the name of a character song for Shanks. The musical score appears throughout the early episodes of the series, up to the Loguetown arc. The lyrics are essentially sung in opera-style, with classical instruments such as the piano and violin being used for the musical score.



Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation






michitarita kokoro wo shiranu mono
karitateru kanata no, maboroshi ka...
akatsuki no unabara ni kiku
umi wa tada shizuka

seijaku no kokoro wo michibiite
zeijaku na kokoro wo madowaseru
aranami wa tsuyoki mono-e to
nani wo miseru noka...

umi wo kirisaku
katayoku no taka wa
naze? sonna nimo takaku
sabishiku naru kaze wo erandewa
tobituzukeru nodarou

hanatareta unmei seoishi mono
sono saki wa kurayami? kagayaki ka
asayake wo sorezore wa matsu
umi wa tada shizuka

sameyaranu kokoro wo samasunoka
sameyaranu kokoro ga yumenanoka
shinjitsu wa aru toki ni nagi
dare mo mada shiranu...

umi ni oritatsu
katayoku no taka wa
mada, kanashimi tsuibami
araburu sora osoreru koto naku
maiagaru no de arou
itsuka yakusoku no hi made...

one that does not know a fulfilled heart
an illusion of the far lands that make one move along..?
I ask to the seas at daybreak
the sea returns only silence

guiding the heart of silence
and confusing the frail, weak heart
the harsh waves, to the strong...
what do they show?

cutting through the seas
the hawk with one wing
why does it choose to fly so high ...
and picks the winds that make it lonely...
and continue to fly..?

the one that chases after the destiny that was unfurled
beyond it is the shadows? or perhaps a twinkle of light?
they each wait for the sunrise
the sea returns only silence

perhaps to awaken the heart which won't wake
or is the heart which won't wake in itself a dream?
truth is sometimes calm and peaceful
and nobody knows as of yet...

landing on the ocean
the hawk with one wing
it still pecks at sadness
and without fear of the stormy skies
it is sure to rise and fly again
until that promised day to come someday...


  • Most One Piece character songs are sung by their Voice actor, this song like Talking Blues is sung by someone else other then Shūichi Ikeda.
  • Because of the title involves the mention of a hawk, it is occasionally mistaken as a character song for Mihawk.

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