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Kappa is a young shoeshine-boy in Nanohana.


Kappa is a young boy who wears a white turban with orange beads around it. He has a blue cloth around his neck, and wears a blue robe with green sleeves. He wears brown belts around his torso where he carries stones. He has a bag that he carries on his back with various weapons, including a hammer, bat, and club.

After the timeskip, Kappa has grown much taller, and his hair has grown out. He wears a hat with a small brim, and beads around it. He has a light colored shirt, that says "KAPPA" on the right arm, and a dark colored cloth around his neck area. He also sports dark colored pants.


Alabasta SagaEdit

Alabasta ArcEdit

He wanted to join the rebellion against the king. However, Kohza refused to let him join, because he was too young, and told him that the war is not for little children like him.[1]

At Nanohana, when Mr. 2 (disguised as Nefeltari Cobra) and his men set fire to the town, Kappa fell upon the secret of Baroque Works, as he witnessed Mr. 2 changing back to his original appearance, and learned that the king was, in fact, framed. He then ran into Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger who proceed to attack him, in order to keep him quiet. Though he survived, he was too injured to tell the people anything and thus unable to prevent Kohza from launching an attack on the capital.[2]

Later, he was found by Igaram and got the chance to explain to all of Alabasta what really went on. It was his eyewitness account that officially ended the war.[3]

Fishman Island SagaEdit

From the Decks of the WorldEdit

He stood smiling next to Kohza, who had become the Environmental Minister of the kingdom of Alabasta.[4]


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