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Kaneshiro Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: カネシロ
Romanized Name: Kaneshiro
English Name: N/A
Debut: Chapter 72; Episode 32[1]
Affiliations: Arlong Pirates; Sun Pirates (former)
Occupations: Pirate; Shipwright
Japanese VA: N/A

Kaneshiro is the shipwright of the Arlong Pirates. He is a goldfish fishman. While not explicitly named during the course of the story, Oda mentions his name and his occupation in the Blue Databook.


Kaneshiro is a Goldfish fishman, with light pink skin, and two big blue fins on the side of his head. The tattoos on his head and his chest is the kanji for "gold" ( kin?), but this may simply be referring to goldfish . He has a sun mark on his left arm signifying he was a member of the Sun Pirates.[2] He sports an orange, open shirt, with circles on it, and white pants, with a light purple sash. He also has a tiny yellow hat on the top of his head.


As a member of the Arlong Pirates and a former member of the Sun Pirates, Kaneshiro could possibly have a hatred for humans, due to the death of Fisher Tiger and the influence of Arlong.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Kaneshiro is a shipwright capable to fixing and building ships. As a fishman, Kaneshiro is several times stronger than an average human. However while he is strong, Kaneshiro is a generic lackey when compared to the stronger members of Arlong's crew.



Kaneshiro was once part of the Sun Pirates, but, after Tiger died and the crew split up, he joined Arlong and several other fishmen on his quest to set up a Fishman Empire in East Blue.

Arlong Park ArcEdit

Taking over the various villages of Commi Island as a start, they built Arlong Park. After eight years of rule over the island, Kaneshiro, while accompanying Arlong on one of his excursions, witnessed Usopp bluntly shoot at Arlong.[1]

After this little incident, several events happened leading up to a battle within Arlong Park between the Arlong Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates. At the very start of this battle, Kaneshiro and a majority of his fellow crew mates were taken out by Luffy. Though Kaneshiro's captain and three other of his crew mates were able to avoid the attack, they were eventually defeated by the Straw Hats. With his fellow crew mates defeated, Kaneshiro and the rest of them were delivered to the Marines and sent to prison.[3]


  • Kaneshiro (金城 kaneshiro?) means "gold city", the 'gold' part may be referring to his goldfish species.


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