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Kamonegi is an anime-only character who lives near Nanohana.


Kamonegi Beat Up

Kamonegi's face after being beat up by Luffy.

Kamonegi is a dark-skinned, skinny person with black hair and a blue-and-white striped hat. He wears a brown scarf and a tan coat, and has bandages around his arms.


Kamonegi cared deeply about crops as he went through any means of growing them (using illegal Dance Powder, to bring forth rain, due to the drought).

Abilities and PowersEdit

He was seen wielding a sword, though it is unknown how skilled he is with it.


He used the Dance Powder secretly on his plants and vegetables. However, eventually Luffy came and tried eating his Dance Powder supply, which he did not like due to the taste, so afterwards he burned the rest in a chimney.

Later, however, he apologized to the man. The recluse tried to explain the Dance Powder's usage to Luffy, who did not quite understand. Luffy then went looking for his friends in Nanohana.

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