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Judicial Ship
Judicial Ship Infobox
Japanese Name: 司法船
Romanized Name: Shihō-sen
English Name: Judicial Ship
First Appearance: Chapter 353; Episode 248[1]
Affiliations: World Government

Only seen in Franky's flashbacks, these ships are traveling courts and may judge a person anywhere. The one encountered by Franky, Iceburg, and Tom judged Tom and sentenced him to death in Enies Lobby. It was later destroyed by Spandam via the Battle Frankies as part of his plot against Tom.

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

It is a large brown ship, with a large courtroom within it. On the outside there is a structure similar to the entrance to Enies Lobby. The ship has three large sails, and flies the World Government flag on top of the crows nest.


The ship came to judge Tom, but he was given a ten year extension on his sentencing by Jorge in order to build the Sea Train. After the ten years were up, the ship was destroyed by Spandam who used Franky's Battle Frankies to blow it up, and pinned the blame on Tom and got him sentenced to death by Jorge.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 37 Chapter 353 and Episode 248, A Judicial Ship appears.

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