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Jose Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ホセ
Romanized Name: Hose
English Name: Jose
Debut: Episode 51
Affiliations: Carmen
Occupations: Carmen's second disciple
Japanese VA: Koji Haramaki
4Kids English VA: unknown
Funi English VA: Christopher Bevins

Jose is an anime-only character and is Carmen's second disciple.


Jose's Eyes
Jose with his eyes open.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

Jose has a short, round body and a big nose, with his nostrils so big they can be mistaken for sunglasses. His eyes are very tiny, hiding behind his nostrils, and he has very thick lips. He also has short brown hair and wears a green matador suit with gold buttons and edging. Underneath his suit he wears a dark green dress shirt with a lighter green tie and green and grey shoes.


Jose is very cocky, since he is seen bragging about Carmen's cooking abilities. He is also very honest, as he corrected Carmen's statement about searching for Sanji for ten years to ten days.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As he is one of Carmen's disciples, Jose probably has at least proficient cooking abilities.


Jose is seen carrying a red flag that he uses to distract other people. He is also seen carrying a polearm like object with an egg-beater for a head, but it is unknown if he can fight with it.


Loguetown ArcEdit

Jose and Leo first explained to Sanji who Carmen was when he first met them. Later, he cheered on Carmen during the Loguetown Cooking Championship and, along with Leo, tried to distract Sanji by waving around red flags. After Leo and Sanji exchanged blows, Jose was seen helping Leo stand up.

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