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Izaya Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: イザヤ
Romanized Name: Izaya
English Name: N/A
Debut: Movie 5
Affiliations: Neutral
Occupations: N/A
Japanese VA: Masami Hisamoto

Izaya is a female character in the fifth One Piece movie.[1] She lives on Asuka Island and is Maya's grandmother.


Izaya is an elderly woman with pink hair tied in side-locks with blue bands. She has many wrinkles on her face, and squints her eyes often. She is also hunchbacked, giving her a short stature, but is actually very tall when she stands up straight.

She holds a long and crooked walking staff and wears an elaborate orange ceremonial orange robe with red shirt and many jewelries hanging around her. In Oda's depiction, Izaya has darker pink hair than in the movie.


Maya and Izaya by Oda
Maya and Izaya by Oda.
Izaya Full
Izaya's full appearance.
Izaya Streched
Izaya's stretched appearance.
Izaya face close up.


Izaya was shown to be a very caring lady, as she tried to comfort her granddaughter Maya. Maya was deeply worried about Saga as he was under the control of Shichiseiken.


Izaya helped Luffy and the others to defeat the Shichiseiken.


  1. One Piece Movie - Movie 5, Izaya is introduced.

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