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Japanese Name: イトミミズ
Romanized Name: Itomimizu
English Name: Itomimizu
Debut: Chapter 306; Episode 209
Affiliations: Foxy Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Announcer
Birthday: January 11th[1]
Japanese VA: Keiichi Nanba
Funi English VA: Ian Sinclair[2]

Itomimizu is the Foxy Pirates' game official and serves as the announcer and commentator of the Davy Back Fight events. He is seen riding a very large bird named Chuchun.


Itomimizu is an average size man with very distinct facial features. He has a round, pink nose, no chin and a broad mouth that makes up most of his face.

He wears a purple shirt, yellow gloves, light-yellow trousers, black boots and a striped tuque covering his face down to his nose. It has holes for the eyes so he can see.

He is seen carrying a bag with a Den Den Mushi that serves as a microphone.


Itomimizu comments on the Davy Back Fight itself rather objectively, though clearly leaning towards his own crew. He praises the Foxy Pirates' foul methods and on the other hand badmouths and annoys the Straw Hat crew, especially Nami during the Donut Race. Despite that, he's not above complimenting the Straw Hats on their abilities, too.

He appears to be very impulsive as he gets very excited when the situation in a match turns around.


Davy Back Fight ArcEdit

During the Davy Back Fight Itomimizu takes the role of the commentator, announcing the challenge of every round and explaining the rules. While doing so he's riding the Super Sparrow Chuchun to have a better view on the events.

In the anime he was one of the 497 crew members Luffy won after beating Foxy in the final round, temporarily becoming a member of the Straw Hat Pirates just to be dismissed with the rest of Foxy's men.


  • His name means tubifex worm, leading to many fans referring to him as simply "Tubifex".


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