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Isshi-100 Manga Infobox
Japanese Name: イッシー100(ワンハンドレッド)
Romanized Name: Isshī Wan-handoreddo
Official English Name: 100 Doctors (Viz)
100 MDs (FUNimation)
Debut: Isshi-20: Chapter 136; Episode 82
Isshi-100: Chapter 637 (cover)
Affiliations: Sakura Kingdom; Wapol Pirates (former); Drum Kingdom (former)
Occupations: Doctors
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Unknown

The Isshi-20 were the twenty most skilled doctors on Drum Island, whom Wapol took for himself in order to make his subjects dependant on him for their services.

The Isshi-100 are the Isshi-20 renamed two years after their introduction, as they have found eighty additional doctors, becoming a group of one hundred doctors.


They are one hundred different doctors who dress in scrubs with sunglasses. They constantly have surgery mask and gloves on them. They are all of varying height with similar builds and most of the time stand as if prepared for surgery. The Isshi-20 from two years ago are wearing pink scrubs, but the color for the scrubs the Isshi-100 are currently wearing remains unconfirmed.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Isshi-20 were skilled enough to save Wapol's life even after he has been decapitated.[1] As the Isshi-100, their individual capabilities as doctors has not yet been delved into.


Service Under WapolEdit

Isshi 20

The Isshi-20, under Wapol's command.

While they were under Wapol's control, they secretly despised and hated him as the rest of the people did. However, they gave in to the king in order to continue their research and refine their techniques. Upon seeing the rogue doctor Dr. Hiluluk's noble sacrifice, the Isshi-20 became determined to never lose to him. To this end, they hoped to use their research and techniques to help their compatriots. When Wapol fled the kingdom, he took the Isshi-20 with him.[2]

After Wapol was defeated, they were forgiven by the people of the island and rejoined them as citizens of the new Sakura Kingdom.

Service to the Sakura KingdomEdit

Two years later, the Isshi-20 has grown to become the Isshi-100, working for Kureha at Sakura Kingdom's medical center.[3]

They now have a new logo; a black flag combining the cross from Chopper's hat with a silhouette of what looks like Hiluluk's hat.

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

"Isshi" is derived from "Ishi" (医師), which means "doctor". In the English version, the Isshi-20 are accurately translated as "doctors" or "MDs", meaning medical doctor.


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