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Island Climatic Types

The four standard climatic types of islands.

There are four climatic types of islands in the Grand Line: Winter Islands, Summer Islands, Spring Islands, and Autumn Islands. Each of these islands have a climate similar to their namesake seasons.[1] There are still different seasons on each island, with the weather in each season dependent on the type of island.[2] The Red Line is composed of such islands grouped together.[3]

Island Climatic ZonesEdit

The climatic type of an island is reflected upon the sea which surrounds the island itself. So, when sailing through the Grand Line the weather becomes stable, then there is most likely an island in proximity. Between the islands, the weather is inconsistent and unpredictable.[1] A particular case of this phenomenon is the immediate first part of the Grand Line, after Twin Cape, because the influences of the first seven island climatic zones and their magnetic field make the weather chaotic.[4]

Winter IslandEdit

A Winter Island (冬島 Fuyu-jima?) is an island with cold climate. On winter islands, snow is normally seen even in the summer.

Spring IslandEdit

A Spring Island (春島 Haru-jima?) is blooming with plant life and has nice warm weather.

Summer IslandEdit

A Summer Island (夏島 Natsu-jima?) has a hot and dry climate.

Autumn IslandEdit

An Autumn Island (秋島 Aki-jima?) has yet to appear in the series, although according to Nico Robin, the island that comes after Alabasta is an Autumn Island.[7]

Special casesEdit

Red Line islands

The Red Line, composed of multiple seasonal islands.

  • The Red Line, according to Nami, is composed of several islands linked together, each with its own climatic zone.
  • Rusukaina is a forty-eight season island whose climate changes every week.[8]
  • Little Garden is a prehistoric island which has an extreme climate and where dinosaurs are not extinct.
  • Raijin Island is an island where lightning falls the same way rain does.
  • Enies Lobby is an island where it is always daytime.


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