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Inuppe Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: 犬ッペ
Romanized Name: Inuppe
Official English Name: Dog Penguin
Debut: Chapter 451; Episode 345[1]
Affiliations: Thriller Bark
Occupations: Wild Zombie
Status: Deceased
Japanese VA: Hiroaki Hirata
Funi English VA: Eric Vale

Inuppe[2] was a zombie penguin who had Sanji's shadow due to Moriah's Kage Kage no Mi powers.


Inuppe is a wild zombie with a stitched up penguin body that has a bull dog's face sewed to its body. His facial features include his left eye shut closed, reminiscent of how its shadow's original owner never had his left seen (at least until the timeskip). It appears to be wearing a beach ball-style hat above its head and a bow tie on his chest. He has dog ears, but they are black like penguin feathers. He has short flippers and tiny penguin feet.


Inuppe and Jigoro's Rivalry

Sanji's rivalry with Zoro is retained and seen in Inuppe's rivalry with Jigoro.

Inuppe had the same personality and attributes as Sanji (even having his left eye closed, which is the eye Sanji used to hide at the time with his hair).

He later became more appropriate for a Thriller Bark zombie, following the orders of his assigned master without question (in his case, Perona, and then later Hogback), evident when he overwhelmed Nico Robin in an unseen fight (at least in the manga) - something that the real Sanji would never have done.

Still, he appeared to retain the latter's dislike for Zoro. This extended to Zoro's shadow, which was housed in Jigoro and proved to be their undoing, making the two zombies take each other out.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Unfortunately, since Sanji's wanted poster does not look like Sanji, Moriah and his minions took Sanji's identity for granted. They even mistook him as having no bounty at all. As a result, Sanji's shadow was not given a strong zombie body and as a counterpart was not included in the zombie general ranks,[3] his combat abilities though were praised by other zombies to be on par with the zombie generals.[4] He uses Sanji's fighting style, and despite the fact that his body probably limits the effectiveness of the borrowed strength from the latter, Inuppe was still powerful enough to soundly best both Chopper and Robin, especially considering that both Straw Hats in question were skilled Devil Fruit users, though this is debatable, since he attacked the Straw Hats while in tandem with Jigoro at the time.


Upon seeing Nami in danger, he deliberately stopped the other zombie animals from harming her. He stated that even if it would disobey his master, he would not allow a woman to be harmed. His strength in defending Nami from the other zombie animals was apparently so great that they started to compare him with the Zombie Generals. The newcomer, despite his efforts, was defeated by Absalom.[5]

Later, he became more obedient. He was able to hold down Robin and Chopper in a fight the help of Jigoro.

Even though no ego was left, he still could not get along with Jigoro, who had Zoro's shadow. They got in a fight over orders. When Hogback, after being tricked by Robin, unintentionally ordered both to jump out of the building, the two obediently jumped out.[6]

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