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Hyokaido Infobox
Japanese Name: 氷街道
Romanized Name: Hyōkaidō
English Name: Ice Highway
Region: Grand Line

Hyokaido is an anime-only, area in the Grand Line with cold climate and filled with icebergs and glaciers.[1] It is the territory of the Accino Family and the location where the Lovely Land Arc takes place.


Hyokaido is a vast area filled with mostly icebergs and glaciers. The geography is filled with various waterways for ships to pass through. However due to the unnatural movement of the icebergs, ships can easily become trapped. The icebergs that trap ships themselves are normal.

Lovely Land
Lovely Land

This seemingly conscious movement of icebergs however is caused by various Domo Penguins pushing the icebergs across the water from underneath.[2] While most of Hyokaido is a barren ice land, deep within the area is a place apparently different from the rest of the land. This place called Lovely Land is the headquarters of the Accino Family. It is a golden castle of sorts that seems to have a tropical jungle atmosphere completely different from the rest of Hyokaido. The Accino Family bring their captured prey here and do something to them here. When the Accino Family later present the captured pirates to the Marines, the pirates are apparently smiling despite being captured.[3]

It can be inferred that due to Don Accino's Atsu Atsu no Mi powers, he creates the tropical area seen around Lovely Land.


Domo PenguinEdit

The Domo Penguin (ドウモウペンギン Dōmō Pengin?, "Fierce Penguin") is a type of penguin that is native to Hyokaido. It generally resembles a blue Rockhopper Penguin with a Puffin like beak. Large groups of this penguin are able to move the various icebergs in Hyokaido from underneath. The Accino Family use these penguins' ability to move icebergs to trap their prey's ship between the various icebergs in Hyokaido.

Domo Penguin
A Domo Penguin.
Domo Penguin2
A Domo Penguin's height compared to a normal human, Sanji.

The penguins themselves are very vicious. Large groups of them can cause trouble for anyone in their way. The Accino Family thus also use the penguins' vicious nature against their prey.


The name is probably a reference to the northern Japanese island Hokkaidō.


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