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Holy Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ホーリー
Romanized Name: Hōrī
English Name: Holly (Viz); Holy (FUNimation)
Debut: Chapter 241; Episode 155
Affiliations: Enel's Warriors
Occupations: Pet
Birthday: November 7th[1]
Japanese VA: Osamu Ryutani
Funi English VA: Jason Grundy
For the filler character from the second TV special, see Holy (Human).

Holy is a large, pale yellow dog that Ohm tends to ride around while traveling and fighting. Holy is very loyal to Ohm, and is a powerful fighter who, oddly enough, knows martial arts.


Holy is an oversized dog, large enough for Ohm to sit on his head and still have room. Holy has white fur, round paws, a short tail, and floppy ears. He has a black nose, and is usually seen sticking out his tongue.


Holy is not particularly smart, and has been trained to obey orders regardless of who actually gives them: when Holy suddenly attacked Zoro, Zoro instinctively yelled the order "stay", which it did. Realizing it would obey him, he then told Holy to "Knock yourself out", and Holy did just that, thereby defeating himself. Despite this behavior, Holy is very loyal towards Ohm and always stays by his side.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Surprisingly, Holy is able to hold his own in battle with a wide variety of martial arts, being able to keep Zoro and others at bay for a short time. It is possible that Ohm has put Holy through rigorous training, judging by his power. Despite his fighting skills, Holy is not very intelligent, obeying orders from even his enemies.


Holy was seen along side Ohm's side, as when he challenged Zoro. When Holy suddenly attacked Zoro, Zoro instinctively yelled the order "stay", to which Holy did. Realizing Holy would obey him, he would tell Holy to "Knock yourself out", and Holy followed the command, thereby defeating himself.


  1. One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World Page 164, Holy's birthday is given.

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