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Hildon was a zombie who resembled a stitched-up vampire.[1] He appears to act as a messenger in-between the members of Thriller Bark's Mysterious Four, reporting to them noteworthy events that are happening throughout the island ship before it fell.


Hildon had a bat like body with a black cape that is also his wings that enable him flight, and legs capable of suspending him upside down. He had sharp fangs and claws, a long stitched nose, pointed ears, and his eyes, if not sunken, seem to have strange tattoos encircling them. Above his right eye is the number 21.

When he first appeared, he carried a very large long-necked bottle of what appeared to be liquor on his back. He somewhat resembles a vampire.


He seemed to be loyal to Gekko Moria, contacting him when Ryuma was defeated, and when the Straw Hats were counter attacking the Denizens.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a zombie, his only weakness was salt. He is also capable of flight, with his large bat wings.


After the three Straw Hats escaped from the Cerberus, Hildon offered to take Nami, Chopper, and Usopp on a carriage ride to the mansion where Hogback lives.[1]

In the carriage drawn by a Centaur and what looks like a hound ridden by a hunchback holding a lantern, Hildon took the three through the forest of Thriller Bark and left them in a graveyard.[2] He then flew off towards the mansion.

Later, after the Straw Hats began their counter attack on Thriller Bark, he warned Moriah of this, as well as when Ryuma was beaten by Zoro.

Moriah, after being beaten by Luffy, used his Shadow Asgard technique to increase his power by absorbing all one thousand shadows in Thriller Bark, thus leaving Hildon a hollow shell once again.


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