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Jesus Burgess Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox
Japanese Name: 操舵手
Romanized Name: Sōda-te
Official English Name: Helmsman
First Appearance: Chapter 222; Episode 146[1]

A Helmsman is a person who steers a ship and many types of boats. In the merchant Marine, this is usually an able seaman. In the Marines, it is a seaman or a quartermaster.

In One PieceEdit

In the series, the only known helmsman of any crew is Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard Pirates.[2] It is unknown if Burgess is still a helmsman, as he was promoted to captain of the Blackbeard Pirates' first ship somewhere around the time Blackbeard became one of the Yonko.[3] Jinbe also has some skill at steering a ship.[4]

The Straw Hat Pirates do not have an official helmsman, though the most common people seen steering the ship are Nami, Usopp, or Chopper in his human form. However, Franky and Sanji have also been seen steering the Thousand Sunny many times.


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