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Heaby Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ヘビー
Romanized Name: Hebī
English Name: N/A
Debut: Movie 3
Affiliations: Butler
Occupations: Butler's henchman
Epithet: Heaby the Poison Snake (毒蛇のヘビー Dokuhebi no Hebī?)
Bounty: Beli Small4,200,000[1]
Japanese VA: Tomokazu Seki

President Heaby (ヘビー総裁 Hebī Sōsai?) is an antagonist from the third movie and is one of the henchmen of the movie's titular antagonist, Butler. He helps the Count to attack horned animals on the Island of the Strange Animals, looking for the Crown Treasure that Butler wants to eat to become powerful enough to "shake the foundations of the universe".[2]

Appearance Edit

President Heaby is a normal sized stocky man with black, short hair and stripe like marks on his face and hands. He wears a red-gold suit with large shoulder pads that resembles a matador's. Certain parts of his appearance accompanied with some of his other traits gives a snake like theme.

Personality Edit

He claims to be the most handsome person in the world which does not sit well with Sanji. He is a loyal servant of Butler's and has no problem with extreme animal cruelty, while chopping of the horns of dozens of animals and throwing them into a waterfall.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Heaby's Sword
Heaby's sword.
YatanogarasuAdded by Yatanogarasu

Heaby seems to be able to move at speeds similar to the Soru technique, as seen when he evaded one of Sanji's kicks, leaving an afterimage, and then reappearing behind him.


Heaby wields a chain-designed sword that has an extendable blade and can be changed into a whip, which furthers his snake theme.

History Edit

He comes to the island with Count Butler and Hotdog to look for the crowned treasure. There, the count uses his violin to make his horn eaters charge against a group of frightened animals, leading to Hotdog and Heaby cutting them off and throw them into a river close to a waterfall.

Then they meet up with the Straw Hat Crew and Heaby parades himself in front of Nami, angering Sanji by calling himself the most beautiful man in the world.

Later he actually fights Sanji and is defeated by him when he tells him that he is too weak to protect his friends. Thereafter, Sanji says Heaby's sword is no match for Zoro's.

Trivia Edit

Heaby Wanted
Heaby's wanted poster.
Besty17Added by Besty17
  • His wanted poster appears in the opening of the ninth One Piece movie.[1]
  • Unlike the usual scheme in the anime and manga, where Sanji would fight the martial artists specialist while Zoro would fight the swordsman, Sanji faces the swordsman and later compared him to Zoro as far inferior.
  • "Heaby", when pronounced in Japanese, "Hebi", means snake, which fits his theme.


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