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Happo Navy
Happo Navy Infobox
Japanese Name: 八宝水軍
Romanized Name: Happō Suigun
English Name: Happosui Army
First Appearance: Chapter 704; Episode 633[1]
Captain: Sai, Chinjao (former)
Total Bounty: Beli500,000,000[2]

The Happo Navy is a pirate crew[3] that the Chinjao Family; Sai, Boo, and formerly Chinjao of the Flower Country belong to.[4]


Chinjao was the 12th commander of the Happo Navy, but after Vice Admiral Garp caused his famed drill-shaped head to cave in, he lost his legendary strength, and access to the vast fortune buried inside the Jewel Ice Sheet. Losing everything and left with a broken heart, he gave up on piracy, and retired.[3]

His position as the commander succeeded by his grandson, Sai, while his other grandson, Boo, became the lieutenant.[4]

Dressrosa Arc Edit

While Chinjao was fighting Luffy at the Corrida Coliseum, Luffy dealt a strong blow on his head recovering his drill-shaped head once again.

After the fight, while Chinjao was struggling to thank Luffy for bringing his head back to its original shape. Chinjao said that he will put his grandson's Happo Navy Army under Luffy's wing as a token of gratitude.

Crew StrengthEdit

The Happo Navy consists of a large fleet of ships,[3] situated in the New World, with the position of leader being passed down for 13 generations.[4] The army was strong enough to survive an encounter with Vice Admiral Garp, and has amassed a great cove of treasure.[3]

Signature TechniqueEdit

The Happo Army's signature combat technique is the Hasshoken,[5] which allows the user to emit vibrations in a physical strike, breaking through shields and defenses and inflicting heavy damage. The vibrations can be imbued in virtually any melee attacks, such as fists, elbows, and kicks.[4] It is similar to one of the applications of the Gura Gura no Mi.


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Happo Navy
Sai Boo Chinjao 

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Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

  • Happo (八宝 Happō?) literally means "Eight Treasures", which is derived from the Chinese name of the flower Sedum erythrostictum.
  • The organization is known as a Navy (水軍 Suigun?), which is how the the Japanese, Chinese and Korean navy are or were named. This differentiates them from the Marines (海軍 Kaigun?).


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