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Happa Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ハッパ
Romanized Name: Happa
English Name: Happa
Debut: Chapter 341; Episode 241
Occupations: Carpenter, Bandit (former)
Residence: Water 7; Pucci (former)

Happa[1] is a civilian of Water 7 whom Usopp bought wood and supplies from in order to repair the Going Merry. Happa also gave Usopp some rice balls. He is an old bandit turned carpenter who moved to Water 7 from the "Gourmet City", Pucci.

In Blue Deep, Happa is mistakenly given the name "Yamao".


Happa Full Body

A full body view of Happa.

Happa is a tall fat man, easily towering over Usopp, with spiky dark hair and a beard of the same shape. He has a scar under his right eye. He also wears an unbuttoned blue collared shirt with a brown leaf design on it, with a white shirt beneath it.


He appears to be a kind man, as he gave Usopp some rice balls when he realized that Usopp was hungry and he was willing to take what little money Usopp had for him despite it not being enough to pay for what he bought.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a carpenter, he has at least some skill in carpentry.



He used to be a bandit, but for unknown reasons, he gave it up and became a carpenter in Water 7.

Water 7 ArcEdit

Usopp bought wood and supplies from Happa in order to repair the Going Merry. Happa also gave Usopp some rice balls when he realized that Usopp was hungry. Usopp didn't have enough to pay for all the wood, so he tried to trade it for some of his tools, making Happa wonder if Usopp was a rustic trader. He let Usopp have the extra wood.


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