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At the start of a group or organization page, supply a brief description of the group is.

About Edit

The details of who the group are. Include overall organization views, aims and goals.


The statistics act as a very brief list of various important and reliant information to this page. Used mainly as a fast information access source. Avoid going into deep details where possible, as these should go elsewhere in the article.

  • Japanese NameThe group's name in Japanese text, if known.
  • Romanized NameThis is a literal translation of the text.
  • English NameThe official English version of the Japanese name. Also provide dub versions' names.
  • First AppearanceThe first appearance of this organization, with both manga and anime references
  • Last AppearanceThe last appearance of this organization, with both manga and anime references
  • ShipsThe ship(s) used by the organization.
  • Combined Bounty: If known, the combined bounty of all the members of the organization.


List organization members and rank.

Allies Edit

If the group is allied with another (such and the Marines and the Shichibukai), or are in the employment of someone else (such as CP9 being employed by the World Government), list here.


A rough idea on the strength of the organization, noting any important battles they may have been in and the results, as well as vital fighters and members.


What bounties are held by the organization, if any. Include who carries what bounty and if know, why.


The known history of this organization, supplying any note worthy details on its storyline history.

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A quick list of articles related to this one, such as important characters and groups.


Contains the Code . Any information reference in the article appears here.

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